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The Art of  ARGENTINE Tango


Argentine Tango is one of the most popular dances in the world.  Unlike its ballroom counterpart, Argentine Tango is free-flowing and improvisational, allowing the dancers to express their individual style and personality.

Club Tango is dedicated to promoting the Art of Tango throughout the New Jersey & New York Metropolitan area. In addition to our website, we publish a weekly newsletter with announcements of the latest Milongas and happenings. 

We also produce a weekly Milonga {dance party) in Leonia New Jersey to which all are invited.  The Milonga features both traditional and nuevo styles of music and dancing. There is also a community wine table and food, plus instruction and demonstrations by the area’s top tango dancers.

To help promote the Art of Tango, our Milonga Dance Parties and classes are offered Free to all high school and college students.

Discover the Art of Tango.  Sign up for our newsletter today.

Jake & Sharon

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