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TANGO  Music

Tango music originated among European immigrant populations of Argentina and Uruguay. It is traditionally played on a solo guitar, guitar duo, or an ensemble, known as the orquesta típica, which includes at least two violins, flute, piano, double bass, and at least two bandoneons, a type of concertina or accordian. Sometimes guitars and a clarinet join the ensemble. Tango may be purely instrumental or may include a vocalist
Today, two types of music are popular at Milongas:  traditional tango music from the 1930s, 40s, and 50s.  As well as Nuevo Tango which is either a form of music in which new elements are incorporated into traditional tango music, or an evolution of tango dance that began to develop in the 1980s.
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Traditional Tango Music

Por Una Cabeza:  Carlos Gardel                            Quando Esta Enamorada: Fancisco Canaro       Poema:  Francisco Canaro
Volver:  Carlos Gardel                                             Bahia Blanca - Carlos di Sarli                               Volvamos a empezar:  Alfredo de Angelis

Nuevo Tango Music

Santa Maria:  Gotan Project                                 Tango Negro:   Juan Carlos Caceres                     Amor Que Se Baila:  Otros Aires
Mil Pasos:  Soha                                                    To tango tis Nefelis:  Haris Alexiou                         Oblivion:  Astor Piazzolla
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