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DATE:  First Saturday of the Month
TIME:  8:30 PM - 2:00 AM
LOCATION:   Allied Performing Arts Center,
6 Edgeboro Road, East Brunswick, NJ 


A very special night of social dancing resembling a traditional "milonga" of Buenos Aires.

We teach argentine tango group classes before the milonga

During the milonga we play music in 'Tandas' -a set of 4 tunes of the same orchestra of the same year- with 'Cortinas' a different song used between sets for dancers to sit down and wait for the next 'Tanda'.

Your host and instructor is Michael Nadotichi.  ​ Michael traveled the world and took part in major tango festivals where he taught and performed at some of the most spectacular venues. Germany, Italy, Denmark, England, Scotland, Turkey, Russia, Belarus, Cyprus, Malaysia, Korea, Taiwan, Canada & USA are among the countries that he visited as a teacher, special guest and performing artist.

Currently Michael is the director of Argentine Tango Academy of New York & New Jersey and the founder of The Art Of Tango LLC. As an artist he believes that the most important aspect of becoming a greater dancer is the process of self-discovery. Classes and workshops are only tools that give the necessary technique and  help dancers to discover who they really are.

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