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MILONGAS Where to Dance

New Jersey

Los Pitucos Milonga

East Brunswick Milonga Fernet


Tango Night in Ridgewood


Pennsauken Tango Brunch


Princeton Viva Tango


Princeton Tango Club


Red Bank Tango


Summit Authentic Argentine Tango

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  Group & Private Lessons are available form Tango Masters

Luis Ramirez & Analia Carreno.

For further information, contact:

New York

Tango Under the Tent

All Night Milonga



Astoria Tango Club



Aldo Romero Milonga



Café Argentino



Central Park Tango



Domingo Loco



Dardo’s Afternoon Milonga



El Destino Milonga



Empire Milonga



Esmeralda’s Garden Milonga



Ensueno Tango Salon



Los Peores del Tango



Milonga Bartolino



Milonga Del Barrio



Milonga Para Todos



Pedro Giraudo Milonga



Queer Tango Milonga



Salmagundi Milonga



Tango Café



Tango La Nacional



Tango MalaLeche



Tango Nocturne



Tango at West Harlem Piers



Volvo Tango

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